About Us


Chinar Itfaiye operates in Municipal Service Vehicles Manufacturing and marketing sector.

In our factory, which has 3000 m2 closed area, with 70 experienced people in our team, the ladder fire trucks, which are needed by the public and private sectors, are produced in working heights from 12 meters to 32 meters.  The fire trucks are manufactured with portable ladders.

The production of our fire trucks is based on order and the water tank; pump capacity and equipment are determined and produced according to customer needs and demands. Thanks to our expert team on this subject, the most suitable superstructure solution is offered to the user.

The category of cleaning vehicles includes three products: Combined grooving, Pressure grooving vehicle (Kuka) and Sewer truck. In line with the needs of our customers, our equipments are produced in different pump and tank capacities.

Our garbage collection vehicles, which are in dire need of the public and private sectors, are hydraulically compacted and are manufactured in a range of other options including manual and automatic operation from 4m3 to 22m3 capacities.

Funeral Vehicles category includes funeral washing and morgue vehicles and funeral transport vehicles.

Our company also manufactures rescue vehicles, emergency response vehicles, civil defense vehicles and tankers (water, fuel, chemical transportation etc.).

Chinar Itfaiye aims to be an institution focused on customer satisfaction by using its resources in the most efficient way and developing quality products.

We aim to be among the leading companies in our sector in Turkey and the world.  In the framework of continuous improvement in the quality of our fore we are working on our technical works and we trained staff by keeping customer satisfaction with our services in the public and private sectors.

Apart from our vehicles serving all over our country, we believe that exports are an inevitable part of the development of our company and the sector. We have been manufacturing the equipment we have received from abroad for many years today with domestic workers, engineers and materials. Our vehicles are exported to foreign markets as well as our country. We are constantly working to increase the number of our exports to many countries. Our company will reach its deserved place in the sector by continuing to add success and growth to country’s success with an efficient and effective business approach.


  • To be a preferred and recommended leader in the industry by offering production, management, service processes and quality of our on-board equipment production to domestic and world markets.


  • To be a stable growing company by creating common value with our stakeholders (partners, employees, customers, suppliers, financial institutions, other commercial relations, competitors, public institutions, non-governmental organizations and society) without compromising our understanding of quality.