After-sale Services and Warranty Terms

CNR Municipal Service Vehicles and Onboard Equipment Industry Ltd. On-board equipment manufactured by the Company must be serviced directly by Chinar Itfaiye within the warranty period. Otherwise, our company will not accept any liability for damages.

Regarding spare parts we recommend you to use only original spare parts of Chinar Itfaiye for the perfect operation of your equipment.

Warranty conditions

  • All parts of your on-board equipment are covered by our company warranty.
  • The warranty period is 2 (two) years from the date of delivery of the equipment.
  • In case of equipment failure, the period of repair is added to the warranty period.
  • As a result of malfunctions of our equipment due to both material and manufacturing and assembly errors within the warranty period, maintenance and repair will be carried out at our station without charge of labor and spare parts.
  • In case of failure and repair of our equipment within the warranty period, it will be given by our service station and replacement process will be made in accordance with the report.
  • Service requests must be made by fax, telephone or in person.
  • Malfunctions caused by the user are not guaranteed.
  • When applying for service, the warranty certificate must be shown on request.